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Offers & Promotions

Offers & Promotions | CRM Solutions

  • CARDFREE™ provides a variety of CRM solutions depending on merchant needs. We can mobilize existing offers or provide an end-to-end CRM platform to generate offers and promotions via mobile, email, SMS and push.
  • Because our CRM solution is data driven, merchants can target consumers by frequency, daypart, product preferences, and many other dimensions that are beyond the reach of traditional CRM providers.
  • Our web-based admin tool enables easy offer and campaign set-up as well as in-depth reporting. Merchants can track key segments over time to gauge ROI and can customize pages to view KPIs and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV).

Stored Value Solutions

  • CARDFREE™’s Next Generation Stored Value Platform provides an integrated, frictionless solution that’s able to work with existing POS systems. Unlike legacy systems, our approach is mobile-centric and provides the ability to tie all programs seamlessly together including loyalty, offers, rewards etc.
  • One scan does it all – Our patent-pending integrated approach means the consumer only has to scan once to pay via SVC, apply relevant offers/rewards, and accrue appropriate loyalty points.
  • Supports multiple currencies.
  • Robust, proprietary risk/fraud tools tailored for mobile use cases.


  • CARDFREE™ can mobilize existing loyalty programs or develop custom programs based on merchant needs. If you’re looking for a loyalty program that goes beyond the basic punch card paradigm, our solution offers flexibility and tools to create a unique experience for your brand and your audience.
  • upports multi-tier programs with different levels and different paths.
  • Leverages customer data to make rewards more meaningful and enable true "Surprise & Delight".
  • Enables social media integration for more engagement and richer data analytics.
  • Our web-based admin tool provides reporting including individual and segment tracking, and various CLTV dimensions such as engagement level, profitability, and risk of attrition.
Order Ahead

Order Ahead

  • Many existing order ahead platforms were built for online and not mobile. We’ve developed 2nd generation capabilities to meet today’s needs. CARDFREE™’s order ahead solution is omni-channel and provides flexibility above and beyond many web based programs that tend to focus on single store solutions vs. large enterprise/large scale.
  • Supports complex menus, modifications, combinations and order customizations.
  • Provides smart upsell & cross-sell based on behavior and preferences.
  • Enables a variety of check-in options (BLE, GPS etc.) and the ability to release orders based on proximity.
  • Multiple payment options.
Data Analytics

Data Analytics | Master Account

  • Because we integrate with merchant POS systems, we have access to SKU-level data that feeds into what we call "Master Account". This Master Account provides a holistic view of the customer that has otherwise been unavailable. This data, whether used on an individual or segment level, can serve as the basis for all customer engagement so that communications are personal and tailored.
  • Bi-Directional Data – We can port data from other programs into the Master Account and/or your data can be fed to your systems.
  • Customers can be viewed by hundreds of dimensions depending on
    your business objectives.
  • Dashboard – Our web-based dashboard enables access to reporting and tools to help analyze program success over time.
  • For more information and a sample of our Master Account data, please contact us.

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