Product Overview

The CARDFREE™ mobile merchant platform offers a one-stop commerce solution that enables merchants to deepen engagement and enhance every aspect of the customer experience.

Merchants can select specific capabilities or full platform functionality, all of which come with robust data analytics and reporting.

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Platform Benefits

Merchant branded

As a white label partner, we stand behind merchant brands helping you build brand value & preference. Our experience deploying the largest mobile commerce solutions in the U.S. provides unique perspective on how to design a great consumer experience and drive mobile adoption for maximum ROI.

Merchant Choice & Control

We plug-in to your roadmap and your existing processes. Our solutions can fill in your gaps or provide a full set of functionality. It’s all up to you! And of course, you own your data.

Frictionless Partner

We are a frictionless partner that will work with existing systems & enable your preferred tender types. With the ability to leverage integrations into 90% of POS systems, we offer an easy path to deployment.


With experience deploying large-scale mobile solutions for merchants, we have built ROI models to provide insight on how our mobile platform can increase sales, create operational efficiencies and reduce cost of acquisition for new customers. In addition, we provide tools that influence behavior such as driving frequency, tender preference, and increasing ticket size.

1:1 Customer Engagement

Our tools can help you identify and learn more about your existing customers, segment your customer base and acquire new ones. Our rich data analytics can make programs and campaigns more personalized and effective.

Dashboard & Admin Tools

We have a suite of tools to manage offers, promotions, loyalty and other programs. Our dashboard makes it easy to view reports, performance and data analytics, from individual transactions to trends in behavior.

Mobile ROI

Twice the customer value

Our analysis has found that mobile pre-paid users have twice the yearly value of the average customer.

If you are interested in more ROI data or a custom analysis, please contact us.

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ROI - Average customer ROI - Mobile customer
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